Massage Therapy in Santa Rosa

Relax and Continue to Heal with Massage Therapy

The Philosophy at Trustin Massage in Santa Rosa, CA

We take a holistic approach to massage and the areas that are bothering you and work with you in finding ways to completely eliminate the underlying causes. What defines “holistic” you ask? Well holistic medicine, unlike traditional Western medicines, focuses on the entire body, not just the area(s) affected. If you are undergoing chiropractic treatment, Massage therapy may be a good way to increase effectiveness and may reduce the frequency of chiropractic visits/treatments needed. There are many other reasons to get a massage, whether it be clinical, therapeutic, rejuvenating, an all-around pampering, or just “one of those days”, Contact us today and schedule your mental vacation now! My Private Practice is dedicated to serving YOU! Trustin Massage – Cotati is Eco-minded and uses all-natural products!


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